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Combined heat an power generation technology at ZBT

The energy transition and the involved reduction in CO2 emissions should be realized amongst other things by the expansion of the proportion of CHP in the energy supply for residential buildings and industry. The energetic building refurbishment concurrently leads to reduced heat requirements.

These requirements can not be sufficiently met by current CHP technologies. Besides the necessary optimization of existing technology systems with significantly higher CHP coefficients utilizing biogas, bio methane and natural gas are needed.

As key task ZBT offers the development support for CHP technologies along with partners ranging from components to complete systems for OEMs & suppliers and thereby to contribute to the market introduction of high efficient CHP technologies.

CHP Test laboratory of ZBT
CHP Test laboratory of ZBT

ZBT is focusing on:

  • SOFC-Systems with high CHP coefficient
  • HT-PEM based CCHP systems
  • LT-PEM systems with high efficiency & life time
  • LT-PEM systems for dynamic H2 operation to compensate fluctuating renewables
  • Improving the CHP coefficient with thermo chemical recuperation and reducing the emissions of Motor-CHP

Technology platforms are:

Furthermore ZBT offers the following R&D services for (Fuel Cell) CHP systems:

Last update:  31.03.2020