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Department Electrolysis

With the increasing generation of electricity from renewable sources, the problem of storage and defined provision of energy is coming more and more to the fore. The use of hydrogen as an indirect storage medium can be a solution to this problem.

Hydrogen offers the possibility of integrating regeneratively generated energy as a feedstock, e.g. in the steel, chemical and building materials industries, and significantly reducing their CO2 emissions. In addition, hydrogen is an alternative fuel and is very suitable, for example, for powering buses, heavy trucks, trains and inland waterway vessels.

The production of regenerative, so-called "green" hydrogen is currently only practical on a large scale using electrolysis processes. In electrolysis, water is broken down into its components hydrogen and oxygen using (ideally green) electricity in so-called electrolysers. The ZBT is involved in both PEM water electrolysis and AEM water electrolysis.

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