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Dr.-Ing. Marco Grundler

group leader compound
Department fuel cells and stacks

Tel.: +49 203 7598-1175

Compound development

ZBT develops highly filled compounds with carbon-based fillers (graphite, carbon black, CNT, graphene), which are characterized by very high electrical and thermal conductivities and excellent chemical resistance.

Optimized standard materials are available for the different production processes of graphite bipolar plates for NT-PEM and HT-PEM applications. These are also distributed worldwide in cooperation with our license partners.

In addition, we develop tailor-made compound formulations for further applications of our customers:

  • Corrosion resistant plate & tube heat exchangers
  • Electrode materials for fuel cell, battery & electrolysis
  • Heat sink for heat dissipation

For material characterization a comprehensive analysis is available.

ZBT extruder
Compound production
Last update:  19.12.2023