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Dr. Christian Spitta

Dr.-Ing. Christian Spitta

head of
Department hydrogen infrastructure

phone: +49-203-7598-4277

Department hydrogen infrastructure

The ZBT deals with the entire H2 value chain.
Man at hydrogen refueling station

In the field of hydrogen infrastructure, especially for mobility, the ZBT addresses the entire value chain from production to logistics and distribution to refueling station technology.



The ZBT conducts research into components and concepts for hydrogen refueling stations.
Hydrogen filling station at the ZBT hydrogen test field

H2 refueling technology

For the market introduction of fuel cell-based mobility, efficient and cost-effective refueling technologies for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, etc. must be developed. The focus of the Hydrogen Infrastructure Department at the ZBT is on the targeted development and qualification of components and concepts for refueling stations. One focus is on refueling protocols.

H2 refueling technology

Gas analysis and gas purification

Hydrogen quality and its exact determination are essential prerequisites for the use of hydrogen as a raw material for industry, as an energy carrier for energy supply and especially as a fuel for mobility. The ZBT has therefore established the hydrogen quality laboratory Hy-Lab on the basis of its many years of experience in trace gas analysis.

Gas analysis and gas purification

Studies and safety/RCS

In the area of theoretical work and studies, the topics include hydrogen distribution concepts for connecting industries as well as mobility, analyses of regional hydrogen sources and sinks for building a (regional) hydrogen economy, and systemic, technical technology analyses. In addition, life-cycle costing (LCC) and life-cycle assessment (LCA) of different technology paths are carried out.

Studies and safety/RCS

Examples of our work

Control panel in the hydrogen test field
Hy-SaM - Hydrogen sampling device for refueling stations
Hydrogen quality laboratory HyLAB
Competence Region Hydrogen Düssel.Rhein.Wupper
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