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Lars Kühnemann

Dipl.-Ing. Lars Kühnemann

Teamleader stack design for metallic bipolar plates
Department fuel cells and stacks

Tel.: +49-203-7598-1257

Stack development

The ZBT has many years of experience in developing efficient, robust and industrializable fuel cell stacks for mobile and stationary applications.

Together with our partners, we optimize existing fuel cell stacks or develop independent, new fuel cell stack designs according to the requirements of the respective application.

Within the scope of stack development, we optimize power densities, efficiencies and service life of the fuel cells. In close coordination with our manufacturing partners, our work also focuses on the industrializable, cost-efficient design of the stack components MEA, bipolar plates, seal and compression system.

You would like to develop a new fuel cell stack or optimize existing fuel cell stack designs? Please feel free to contact us!

Stationary fuel cell stacks
Automotive fuel cell stacks
Portable fuel cell stacks
Last update:  30.11.2021