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König-Heinrich-Platz with the Floating Lawns, the theater and the CityPalais with the Mercatorhalle on the right-hand side
König-Heinrich-Platz und Opernplatz mit Duisburger Stadttheater

Mercatorhalle is situated in CityPalais mall with a separate entrance on the side facing König-Heinrich-Platz. You can access Mercatorhalle from inside the mall, too. It is located on the upper level of CityPalais.

Landfermannstrasse 6
47051 Duisburg

Travelling by train:

Visitors arriving at Duisburg Hauptbahnhof (central station) have these options:

  • Walk: It is a short walk of about 700 m / 770 yards / 8 minutes from central station to Mercatorhalle. Leave the station through the main exit (city exit), immediately turn right, take a left on Königstraße (pedestrian zone) and turn right at the Floating Lawns (König-Heinrich-Platz). The entrance to Mercatorhalle is to your right.
  • Underground: Take underground lines U79 (towards Düsseldorf), 901 (towards Scholtenhofstraße or Obermarxloh) or 903 (towards Rheintörchenstraße or Mannesmann Tor 2) to König-Heinrich-Platz (first stop!). Depending on which exit you take you are already almost there or you walk down Königstraße to CityPalais and take a left at the Floating Lawns.
  • Taxi: There are taxis waiting at both main exits of the station. In the unlikely case that this is not the case please call +49 203 33 33 33 to call a taxi. Tell the taxi driver "Mercatorhalle" or "Landfermannstrasse 6, Duisburg" as your destination.


Flying in:

Visitors arriving at Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS):

  • Take the Skytrain from the terminal to Airport Train Station and then any train to Duisburg Hauptbahnhof (central station). Please note: S-Bahn is a suburban train that takes longer but gets you to your destination just the same. Then follow the instructions above.
  • Or take a Taxi from the terminal to Mercatorhalle in Duisburg (approx. 60 Euro / 30 minutes). Tell the taxi driver "Mercatorhalle" or "Landfermannstrasse 6, Duisburg" as your destination.

Visitors arriving at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA):
Take the express train (ICE) from Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof (Frankfurt Airport long-distance station) to Duisburg Hauptbahnhof (central station). The ride is approx. 1:30 to 2:45 hours. Then follow the instructions above.


Travelling by car:

Set your navigation device to Landfermannstrasse 6, Duisburg to get to the main entrance and to Averdunkstrasse, Duisburg for parking.

There are three parking garages with entrances from Averdunkstrasse. You can use all three, but we recommend Parkhaus CityPalais (2 Euro per hour, 12 Euro per 24 hours) because it offers easy access to Mercatorhalle. For this, turn right at the little roundabout on Averdunkstrasse. Take the lift from the underground car park directly to Mercatorhalle.

Note: Please drive very slowly (walking speed) on König-Heinrich-Platz/Opernplatz (in front of the opera house) to avoid a speeding ticket!


Just so that you know where you’re going:
Mercatorhalle in Google Maps


Where to stay in Duisburg: our information on hotels close to the venue



If you like to extend your visit to Duisburg there is a lot to see and do: (in English) (in English)



(Duisburg Kontor)
Rathaus Duisburg
(Daniel Fischer/Duisburg Kontor)
Gießhalle im Landschaftspark Duisburg
(Nikolay Dimitrov/Duisburg Kontor)
Lifesaver-Brunnen in Duisburg
(Nikolay Dimitrov/Duisburg Kontor)
Kunstwerk im MKM, Duisburg
(Nikolay Dimitrov/Duisburg Kontor)
Installation Tiger and Turtle in Duisburg
(Nikolay Dimitrov/ Duisburg Kontor)
Konzert beim Traumzeit-Festival im Landschaftspark Duisburg
Werhahnmühle am Duisburger Innenhafen
(Duisburg Kontor)
Marina und Gebäude Five Boats im Duisburger Innenhafen
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