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Latest information on our scientific projects

Here we do inform you on our current projects at ZBT. You will find the published project reports in our publication list. For any further inquiries please contact us directly.

The aim of the project H2Fuel coordinated by ZBT is to develop new, technically and economically suitable limit values for the pollutant components described in ISO 14687 for use in fuel cell systems.
Within the EU project GRASSHOPPER a new fuel cell stack for stationary applications was developed with ZBT collaboration. Interim results of the project promise that the project goals can be well achieved.
In the UltraPress research project, a new innovative hot pressing process was developed using a tool made of ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC). This can be used for the production of graphite bipolar plates for e.g. HT-PEM fuel cells based on highly conductive compound materials.
In a now completed IGF project, Si-MEMS structures were investigated as a carrier structure for micro-actuators, taking advantage of the movement of Nafion membranes in an electric field.
Micro-structured power collectors were the main focus of work in a now completed project. The findings are being incorporated into innovative approaches to the development of three-dimensional current collectors.
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