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Long Term Tests of Cell Components

In-Cell qualification of materials, and designs of gaskets, plates and MEA

The main focus of long-term tests at ZBT is the simulation of real operating conditions in portable and mobile applications. Therefore these tests are usually being performed without cathodic humidification and using anode recirculation of hydrogen. Furthermore for secured test results short stacks of 5 cells are used and three short stacks are being tested in parallel. This allows verified results for long term tests e.g. comparing stack components (MEA, gaskets, bipolar plates) or operational topics like media supply independently from any outside influences.

  • Qualification and comparison of stack components (gaskets, bipolar plates, MEA) 
  • Comparison of media supply and operation strategies
  • Quantification of influences of peripheral components (inverter, filter, pumps etc.) 
Three 5 cell stacks operated in parallel
Three 5 cell stacks operated in parallel
Standard setup of media supply
Standard setup of media supply
Last update:  10.09.2020