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Testing and qualifying

The substantial equipment of ZBT in the field of test equipment and analytics as well as the large experience in the characterisation of components is offered for testing and qualification of diverse components. The used methods have been developed or adapted at ZBT to fulfill the demand of the specific test challenge. Within projects or commisioned the following components have been tested or qualified: 

  • Components for fuel cell stacks (MEA, bipolar plates, gastkets)
  • fuel cell stacks 
  • components for reformer (catalysts, heat exchanger) 
  • system components BOP (pumps, valves, inverter, controller)
  • humidifier and filter
  • fuel cell systems and modules
  • other systems (CHP systems)
  • batteries, battery components

We herefore have performed

  • characterisation, approval, tests
  • benchmark, comparing tests
  • long term tests, cycling tests
  • environmental testing
  • approval against specifications 

Your test is our challenge!

Last update:  04.12.2020