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Numerical Simulation in fuel cell development

Within the research and development at ZBT concerning fuel cells many tasks are analyzed and designed by numerical simulations. At ZBT numerical simulations are performed in the field of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electro-chemistry, chemical process engineering, and mechanics / stress analysis with the appropriate simulation tools. As a non-profit limited company for industry-related research and development ZBT supports industry by means of numerical simulations. Additionally, within the process chain of numerical simulations (modelling, parametrization, calculation, analysis and presentation) ZBT especially focuses on modelling, since the development of fuel cells requires a fundamental understanding of electro-chemical, fluid mechanical and structural mechanical phenomena. Numerical simulations are supported by experimental analysis, e.g. in the field of fluid mechanics by laser-optical flow measurements.

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Numerical simulations are used in the following divisions:

Field of application

  • Development of flow geometries for fuel cells, electrolysis, zinc-slurry batteries etc. (flowfield, manifold etc.)
  • Analysis of temperature distribution, e.g. air or water cooling of fuel cell stacks
  • Analysis of structural mechanics, forces and stress distribution
  • Analysis of reformer systems and processes in process engineering
  • Hazard analysis for leakage flows


  • AVL Fire
  • OpenFoam
  • Flowmaster
  • Comsol Multiphysics
  • Aspen Plus


Simulations for Flowfield-Design
Iterative design of an air cooling system for high-temperature fuel cells
Design of mixing in an AOG burner
Last update:  04.12.2020