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Dr. Christian Spitta

Dr.-Ing. Christian Spitta

head of
Department hydrogen infrastructure

phone: +49-203-7598-4277

Hydrogen Testfield

ZBT has designed and build a high pressure test facility for optimization of hydrogen filling stations on the site of its hydrogen test field. As the site is not a commercial HRS it allows the development, testing and operation of components and concepts under real conditions but without external interference.

The key data of the hydrogen test field are:

  • 3 electrolysis systems of different technology (PEM, alkaline and SOEC)
  • "Low" pressure storage up to 200 bar (70 kg) in type 1 bundles
  • Middle pressure storage up to 500 bar (380 kg) in type 2 and type 4 bundles
  • High pressure storage up to 900 bar (80 kg) in type 2 bundles
  • 2 compressors (also useable for booster refuelling)
  • 2 chillers (max. flow 160-180 g/s)
  • 2 dispensers each for 350 and 700
  • Available fuelling protocols

    • SAE J2601 2010,
    • SAE J2601-2 2014
    • SAE J2601 2016 (incl. MC method)
    • flexibly configurable fueling

  • Optionally, either cooled or uncooled hydrogen dispensing on all pressure levels
  • Component testing room with all pressure levels available (cooled and uncooled)

Project example: The EU project PRHYDE aims for the development of fueling protocols for heavy duty vehicles like busses and trucks. Within this project ZBT together with Toyota Motors North America, and ITM will perform experimental investigations in order to calibrate models and to validate the developed protocols for 350, 500 and 700 bar.

Scheme of the hydrogen testfield
Switchboard in the hydrogen testfield
Introductory event 2019
Last update:  06.09.2023