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LT-PEM fuel cell stacks

Stacks for portable applications 150 W - 1 kW

The injection moulded bipolar plates in the size of 70 mm x 140 mm are used at ZBT to build compact fuel cell stacks for low power application in the sub-kW-class. ZBT and also external partner integrate this technology into mobile power supply aggregates.

The stacks are available as air cooled or liquid cooled configuration.


Characteristics of the air cooled ZBT-stacks with 24 (32) cells

  • number of cells 24 (optional 32)
  • 50 cm2 active area per cell
  • membrane: Polymer membrane (PEM-FC) (3 layer / 5 layer)
  • plates: high-conductive compound material, injection moulded
  • size: 18 cm (24 cm) / 8,5 cm / 16 cm (length / width / height without connections)
  • weight: ca. 3 kg (4 kg)
  • forced air cooling (fan)
  • nominal current at 0,6 V cell voltage: 30 A / maximum current: 40 A
  • nominal power: 430 W (570 W) / maximum power: 490 W (650 W)
  • maximum operation temperature: 75 °C
  • single cell voltage monitoring: contacting holes included
  • hydrogen operation (3.0, not humidified) as standard, roformat gas as option

Liquid cooled stacks

ZBT offers above described fuel cell stack technology also as liquid cooled version. Usually in small, portable applications air cooling is beneficial due to the reduced effort in thermal management, nevertheless special applications demand higher power densities and allo  more complex system setups. For liquid cooled stacks the technical data is comparable to the air cooled stacks described above but higher volumetric and gravimetric power denisties are possible.

Last update:  31.03.2020