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Fuel Cell Stack for Power Supply Solutions

For the purpose of power supply solutions eg. in UPS systems or other forms of auxilliary power supply, ZBT has developed a novel fuel cell stack which combines the advantages of open and closed cathode fuel cells: An innovative media management ensures that the water produced in the fuel cell leaves the fuel cell only in gaseous state. In addition, by decoupling air cooling and cathode supply, a start at very low temperatures and operating at very high temperatures as well as long exchange intervals for necessary air filters can be guaranteed. Due to this innovative concept the fuel cell can be integrated optimally into applications in outdoor installations.

3.3 kW fuel cell stack for power supply solutions

  • 3.3 kW LT-PEMFC stack (other sizes available)

    • Nominal operation (H2): 33 V @ 100 A
    • Peak load 4.0 kW
    • 54 cells (up to 60 cells)
    • active area + 150 cm2
    • Size/weight: 106 x 322 x 375 mm / 11kg (insulation included)

  • Innovative media management (patented)

    • Separate cathode supply
    • Activated carbon filter possible
    • Cathode offgas removal by air cooling
    • No liquid water management

  • Optimized for

    • anode recirculation operation
    • no cathode humidification

  • Startup time 5 sec. to 80% load
  • Outdoor compatible operating temperature range
  • Advanced air cooling structure
Last update:  31.03.2020