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Dipl.-Ing. Jens Wartmann

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New Materials and Technologies

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Miniaturized PEMFC

Development of novel fuel cell concepts for low power applications

A major research area of the department of microsystems and fluid mechanics is the development of miniaturized PEM fuel cells for power supply of e.g. portable electronic applications. Such fuel cells in low power range in active or passive operation mode use hydrogen as a renewable and environmentally friendly fuel for the production of network-independent electrical energy. The previously developed cells have active areas of a maximum of sixteen to less than one square centimeter. Appropriate cell stacks have been designed based on different technological approaches as both vertical and planar stacks. Continuing this work, those stacks are manufactured, assembled and tested. Modern manufacturing and testing equipments like a micro milling machine, a laser cutting- and engraving system and a test bench for the characterization of micro fuel cells for the simultaneous operation of up to four fuel cell stacks are used in research.

As the main components for micro fuel cells, currently there are three bipolar plate concepts developed and tested:

  • metal-screen printing
  • LiGa bipolar plates
  • ceramic bipolar plates

Research and development of fuel cells and fuel cell systems is focussing on applications in the area 0.1 W - 100 W.

Last update:  31.03.2020