The hydrogen and
fuel cell center

Assembly and production technologies

Development and implementation of production processes for the fuel cell technology

An important component for the market launch of fuel cells is to ensure a high-quality production process. Several former projects pointed out that a low-cost and repeatable production of fuel cell stacks can only be achieved by precise and automated solutions.

Meanwhile there is an extensive expertise concerning fuel cell production technologies, due to several successfully completed research and development projects. On the one hand these projects are based upon customised requirements and on the other hand initialised by our own efforts.
The key aspects of these projects are:
•    Gripper- and handlingsystems for fuel cell components (bipolar plates, MEA, etc.)
•    Applications for gasket production (screening process, dispenser)
•    Optimisation of fuel cell components concerning assembly issues
•    Quality assurance

Last update:  05.03.2020