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Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Oberschachtsiek

head of
Department Electrolysis and Batteries

phone: +49-203-7598-4280
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Testing of Stacks and Systems


  • Maximum connected load currently approx. 150 kW
  • further requirements system-dependent
  • Product gas analysis in the HyLab quality laboratory

Electrolysis stack tests

  • Maximum electrical power output: 40 kW
  • Maximum pressure anode and cathode: 35 bar
  • Electrolysis types: Low Temperature PEM Electrolysis Stacks
  • Water supply & temperature control also possible on the cathode side
  • Online analysis of O2/H2 & H2/O2
  • Gamry Reference 3000 AE + 30k booster
  • Product gas analysis in the HyLab quality laboratory
3 Electrolyser Systems on the test field of ZBT
Elektrolysis Stack Testbench 35 bar (Anode and Cathode), 2.000 A, 40 kW


For our work we have an extensive infrastructure at our disposal, which allows us to both research the design and construction of the individual components and to validate the results in a realistic environment.

  • Outdoor area with the possibility to install and test container-based electrolysis systems up to 150 kW electrical power
  • Electrolysis stack test stand up to 35 bar (anode and cathode), 2,000 A, 40 kW
  • Test stations for single cells and small stacks
  • Ex-situ analysis (material properties, 3D scan)
  • Different software tools (CAD/CFD/CAM and Multiphysics)
Last update:  20.02.2023