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Project BipolarPilot: Economical coating of bipolar plates for fuel cells

In the BipolarPilot project, ZBT and KCS Europe are working on scaling up a new coating system for metallic bipolar plates. This includes the construction of a pilot plant.

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As part of the EFRE.NRW-project "FlyGo - Fuel cell-assisted mobility for environmentally friendly vehicles and aircraft", a chrome-based coating for metallic bipolar plates was developed by the project partner KCS Europe from Monschau, Germany. Now it is to be turned into an economical coating system. In the EFRE.NRW-funded project BipolarPilot, this coating is now being further developed and characterised at the ZBT. Among other things, electrical conductivity, corrosion behaviour, surface properties and long-term stability are being investigated.

The scale-up of the plant to a pilot plant with series production level forms the basis for a rapid market launch of the coating of bipolar plates for automotive applications. This will make a significant contribution to technological development in North Rhine-Westphalia. With the research, development and possibility of the economic production of bipolar plates for fuel cells, the project also supports the state in meeting its goals for the use of fuel cell technology in public transport and freight transport.

BipolarPilot runs until 31 Mar. 2023 and is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the lead market competition Investment in Growth and Employment.

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